Eixample: The heart of Barcelona

Eixample, which is the geographical and architectural heart of Barcelona, was the contrivance of Ildefons Cerdà a 19th century progressive Catalan Spanish urban planner.


The meaning of L’Eixample is ‘the widening’ in Catalan and it is one of the major and planned neighborhoods of Barcelona. As per it’s meaning, Eixample has literally expanded the city well outside of the old city center. The entire district is laid out in a grid pattern.


Eixample is a sophisticated, affluent neighborhood, characterized by expansive streets and visionary Modernist architecture. It is a man-made ecstasy for the admirers of architecture. The neighborhood is the home of modernist gems such as Antonio Gaudi’s Casa Batlló, his famous unfinished church masterpiece, la Sagrada Familia and Josep Puig i Cadafalch’s Casa Amatller.


It has plenty to offer for its visitors such as lots of art galleries, theaters, cinemas, markets and museums. The beach is within five minutse drive and the Old town is located just few steps from Eixample.

Barcelona Wedding Photography

While walking through the streets of Barcelona one will be amazed by the elegant charisma of the Eixample. Spectacular modernist structures standing proudly on both side of the boulevards. Veiled by the Eixample’s grand exteriors, there are collages of public gardens and courtyards that offers retreat from the urban haste.


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