About the Barcelona Program: Scaling Urban Analysis

The Barcelona Program is a Spring Semester 2018 study abroad program at Dunwoody College of Technology. The program explores Barcelona through a comparative analysis of Minneapolis and the role that architecture, landscape, and the designed environment play in these unique cities. We best understand our own context through relationship to difference. Minneapolis is a relatively new city with an unprecedented park system, steeped in car culture, and growing at an incredible rate. Barcelona is a city rich in a history of sociopolitical movements, innovative urban design, architecture. The massive influx of tourists,  relative to the number of residents, poses a unique challenge to the identity and function of the city. This study abroad program will focus on the city of Barcelona but will begin in Minneapolis with an intensive eight-week research and analysis of Barcelona in relationship to Minneapolis as a way to draw intellectual connections between our American context and this unique Catalonian Spanish city.

Courses will be taught by faculty from the architecture and arts and sciences departments at Dunwoody College of Technology: Molly Reichert, MArch and Reem El Radi, PhD.  We will look to the expertise of historians, developers, designers, artists, urban planners, and architects in our study of the architecture, art, design, and urbanism of both Barcelona and Minneapolis.  

In Barcelona, Dunwoody will be partnering with CIEE Study Abroad. The courses are tailored to the cultural learning objectives of the five year Bachelor of Architecture degree at Dunwoody.  Students will have complete access to fully equipped academic centers (with studio space and student service support). Beyond the classroom, students will stay in Spanish homestays and all are encouraged to connect with local Spanish students for greater immersion.