RCR tour

The RCR tour gave incredible insight into design and mastery of specific materiality.  

Final Derive

Kyle Hannah and I in our final Derive walked from atta and followed the green spied with Hannahs eye. I … More

Barcelona Derive 1 and 2

After coming into Barcelona I sought a way to understand the space and glean information that could help me remember … More

Maritime Museum Symbols

the carvings have specific meanings derived from mythology. Left Aft Odysseus: metaphor for the loneliness of the ruler, who must … More

Ornamentation catalogue

Carrer de Mallorca, 283, 08037 Barcelona The Palacete Casades is a neo-classical style building in Barcelona’s Quadrat d’Or heritage quarter. … More

Derive Barcelona

My Derive began when Tanisha’s ended, in a random location. I looked at my saved google map and found the … More


Ben and I have been making maps of the Barceloneta Port area in an effort to understand the Unique dynamics … More

Mall Derive

1 Follow basic directions into the mall then while arriving at store wait for next person to come out of … More